Friday, September 13, 2013


  I picked this photo because I love everything Disney.  The lollipops were really yummy and colorful, they remind me of a fun day.

This photo captures expression that make me smile.  This moment is frozen in time and and they'll always remember this.

I like this photo because it's so simple.  I love the way the settle light hits off of the necklace.

I like this photo because it can be interpreted in anyway you want.  You don't know why he's sitting there or what he's thinking.  It's a mystery.

I like the way light shines through the trees and I love the way sun spots look through a lens.  This photo just reminds me of sunny summer days.

Artist Statement

My Artist Statement

Unlike those around me, I don’t consider myself a true artist.  While others create amazing works of art I tend to stick to more simple subjects.  Although I have worked in digital arts I find more comfort with photography.  I enjoy capturing everyday life as well as the beauty and complexity of God’s creations.  I believe that every picture represents a memory for someone. A frozen moment in time can make you laugh, cry, or just make you happy whenever you look back on it.  I enjoy making people feel things when they see my photographs.  Whether it’s wonder or just seeing their expressions through my lens, it brings me joy to show others my work.  When I get in a rut and can’t seem to find an important subject, I tend to go out and take pictures of nature.  Whether it’s a flower in my front yard, hiking trails with beautiful trees, or simply a sunset, I always seem to find inspiration in God’s work.  One of my main focuses while taking photographs is light.  Light can excite a photo and make others feel warm and bright as well as highlighting small features on a face which can emphasize a longing or sorrow in ones eyes.  I really enjoy having photo shoots with friends and family.  I hope to evolve my knowledge of studio lighting this year to work more with portrait photography.  I love taking action photos of my family or sports to show everyday expressions.  It is the simple things that make my eye for photography come back, like a smile or a funny face. When ideas don’t pan out the way I’ve envisioned them, I’ve learned that it’s better for me to move on and forget about it.  If i focus too hard on one photo that isn’t working out, I will just end up frustrated and upset.  But if I find another vision and ignore the previous, I find that my work continues to succeed.  This success is only for personal approval though.  I don’t wish to become a photographer as a career, but I do hope to continue photography in all that I do.  When I am older and have a family, my subject focus will change towards my children and our adventures, but for now I intend to make others feel what I feel in my photos and hope to showcase what others may have not yet noticed in their everyday lives.